People without homes have a much higher risk of frostbite and hypothermia. These conditions can quickly kill and may also increase the risk of dying from other conditions in the future. We can help those without homes make it through the cold season by offering warming shelters.

But we don’t have enough shelters. You can help by offering space for us to create shelter. Roseburg will help business partners create plans that can help the homeless. Social service agencies can provide sleeping mats, beds, 24/7 supervision and connect folks to services so they obtain housing.

The City needs your help now. Overnight temps continue to drop. Warming shelters operate when the temps are forecasted to be under 30 degrees. They also operate if the forecast is for under 32 degrees and rain, snow, wind, or long periods of cold are also in the forecast.

Please join us in preventing needless death. Contact us at for more info.