If you need help with your housing…

UCAN has a variety of ways that we can work with you so you get housing or remain housed. Our services are limited by funding. But if we don’t have what you need, we will try to connect you with other resources to help you.

Low cost housing

If you lack housing, we have some units of housing we rent at very low cost. This housing is located in Douglas County only. You can live in some of our housing for as long as you are eligible. In other housing, you can live for two years, using that time to find longer term housing. Our housing features:

  • Community rooms
  • Air conditioning/heating units
  • Appliances,including refrigerators, ovens/microwave ovens
  • Either in-house washers/dryers or access to common laundry rooms
  • Decks/patios
  • Outside storage
  • Playgrounds
  • Garden beds

Most of our housing is near bus lines, grocery stores, other local shops, medical centers,service providers, and more.

We provide all maintenance and property management services. We also offer resident services,including:

  • Resident newsletters
  • Seasonal food from our Food Bank
  • Help growing veggies in on-site raised beds
  • Programs for children

To qualify for housing:

  • You must meet income requirements.
  • For some of our housing, you may need to have someone in your household with a serious mental illness, someone with a substance abuse disorder, someone who was formerly an inmate, or someone who was formerly homeless.

Getting housing:

Complete an application to first show your interest in our housing. Puede encontrar una application en Espanol aqui. We will then put you on our waitlist. Since our housing is limited, you’ll want to get on other waitlists at the same time. In Douglas County, contact NeighborWorks Umpqua and HADCO and apply for housing there as well. In Josephine County, you can check for housing with the Josephine Housing and Community Development Council and with the Housing Authority of Jackson County. For a complete list of low-cost housing, click here.

When you reach the top of the waitlist, we will contact you to let you know about an available unit. If you are interested, we will have you meet our property manager, who will go over our lease with you. If the terms look good to you, we both sign the lease, and your new home awaits.

Short-Term Help: If you lack housing, we may be able to provide short-term help so you have a roof over your head. We have a limited supply of motel/hotel vouchers. When able, we’ll offer you a voucher so you can cover the costs of a motel/hotel room for a short period of time. While you are there, we can work with you to help you find longer term housing.

For more info on UCAN housing, please call (541)492-3510.

Help paying rent or mortgage

If you have housing or are looking for housing, but need help paying for it, we may be able to help. We can help you pay your rent bill, and in some cases, can help pay your mortgage bill. Like our housing units, we have limits on what we can do,but even if we can’t help you when you first come in, we will try to help you get the support you need.

We offer help paying rent for different periods of time, including:

  • Short-term(about 3-4 months),
  • Medium-term(about 6 months to 2 years) and
  • Long-term(over 2 years)

Our goal is to get you the help you need so that you are able to take over making full payments on your place.

In addition to paying your rent, we may also be able to provide other support, including:

  • Help with budgeting,
  • Review of your credit score,
  • Help to get key documents like proof of birth, driver’s licenses, etc.,
  • Help paying for simple car repairs,
  • Help getting car title and registration,
  • Clothing,
  • Household supplies,
  • Other basic items, like food,
  • Payment of one-time deposits,
  • Payment of one-time move in fees

To quality for rent/mortgage help: You will need to meet income limits. And many of these services require that someone in your household either has a disability, is a veteran, has been homeless or is near to losing housing. You can get rent/mortgage help in both Josephine and Douglas County. If you aren’t living here yet, you need to be moving to the area.

Getting rent or mortgage help: You will need to fill out an application. Some things you need to provide with your application include:

  • Photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Bank Statements
  • Proof of Income

Some applications also require proof of military service or require a referral from another local agency. We can help you obtain ID and work with you to make applying for rent aid easier.

For more info on rent/mortgage help, give us a call at:

(541)672-5392 in Douglas County. (541) 956-4050 in Josephine County or contact by email at dccm@ucancap.org in Douglas County or jccm@ucancap.org in Josephine County.

If you qualify for rent aid, we will also provide one on one support to help you achieve your own short and long term goals. Some areas we can help you plan for and address include:

  • Education,such as obtaining a GED or college degree
  • Improving your finances by increasing your income and improving your budgeting skills
  • Health and wellness
  • How to maintain a safe, stable and thriving life

Learn skills to be a better renter

Want to know your rights as a tenant? Want to learn how landlords screen you for a place? Want to improve your skills finding a place to rent? UCAN offers Rent Well classes just for you. Classes cover topics like:

  • How to apply for a unit
  • How to review your lease
  • Landlord expectations
  • How to be a good tenant
  • How to keep your home healthy and safe
  • Creating steps to meet your housing goals

And much more! To learn about upcoming classes, contact:

In Douglas County: 541-492-3592 or email seth.kirby@ucancap.org

In Josephine County: 541-530-7120 or email holly.fifield@ucancap.org

Additional resources

If you have issues as a tenant, you can contact:

In Josephine County: The Oregon Law Center

In Douglas County: Legal Aid Service of Oregon

To learn more about tenant rights, you can also contact the Fair Housing Council of Oregon