If you need Family Support, we have…

UCAN offers several different programs focused on helping your family in different ways. These programs offer a number of different services. To best understand what program you might be interested in, ask yourself:

Would you like to have your child ready to succeed once they get to kindergarten? Are you looking for child care? If so, Head Start might be a good program for you.

Do you want to improve your family’s health, in part by improving your diet and the diet of your children? If so, WIC could be a good fit.

Do you want to build your relationship with your child, learn about healthy development and improve your access to resources? Do you want to better address your children’s health issues or are you interested in learning more about breastfeeding? If so, family well-being programs might help you.

To learn more about each of these programs, or to learn about other resources that may help your family, you can select from the options below.

We do not offer these services in Josephine County. If you are interested in getting support for your family there, please review the Josephine County agencies listed under Other Resources.

You may qualify for more than one program. If you would like us to help decide which program would best meet your needs, please complete the Core Referral Form. We will get back in touch with you and discuss options.

Head Start

Head Start not only provides classes for young children and pregnant women, but offers many other services to support your family.

UCAN’s Head Start program provides your children with the skills they need to succeed when they start kindergarten. Children learn everything from resolving conflict to working in groups. Children also learn early math, language and physical skills.

With Head Start, your children obtain:

  • Free health and dental checkups,
  • Free screenings to see if they have special needs,
  • Free vision and hearing checkups
  • Free transportation to centers (depending on where you live)
  • Free healthy snacks, breakfasts and lunches

As a parent or guardian of a Head Start child, you obtain help to best support your children, you can attend fun family get-togethers, and you can build leadership skills by volunteering with us or joining our Policy Council.

You can obtain Head Start services if:

  • You are pregnant,or if you have children (ages newborn up to 5 years old)
  • Your family meets income guidelines (there are times when even if you don’t, your child can still qualify)

We do keep a wait list, though we work to get children in all year long.

If you aren’t sure if you qualify, please contact us. We will be happy to work with you to see if we can get your child enrolled.

To apply:

Click here and complete our online application. Applications are taken all year.

Haga clic aquí y rellene nuestra aplicación en línea. Se aceptan aplicaciones todo el ano.

Once you apply, we will give you a call. When we meet, all you need to bring are:

  • Your child’s proof of birth
  • Income records
  • Your child’s shot records (if you are from out of state)

After we meet, we will mail you, letting you know that you are on our waitlist. If your child is homeless, a foster child, has a special need, or your family is on TANF, you will go to the top of the waitlist faster.

You need to update your application each year.

Center Locations:

We offer classes in centers for children ages 3-4 in: Roseburg, Sutherlin, Green, Winchester, Myrtle Creek, and Winston. We offer classes for children ages 6 weeks-2 years old in: Roseburg, Glendale and Yoncalla.


WIC can help you or your family's health in many ways. Through WIC, you can get:

  • Free WIC foods
  • Info on healthy eating
  • Breastfeeding info and help
  • Health checkups
  • Dental screening
  • Referral to doctors and dentists
  • Free basic needs items, like diapers

You can obtain WIC services if you:

  • Are pregnant,have a baby (up to age of one) or are a child (up to age 5)
  • Have a need to improve your diet (or your child's diet)
  • Earn less than a certain amount of money

If you are a dad, granddad or guardian of a child, we welcome you to seek WIC services for your child.

Obtaining WIC:

There is no application to fill out to obtain WIC. If you would like this service, you can either walk in to our office, give the office a call, or go to the Oregon WIC website. Our office is at 251 NE Garden Valley Blvd, Suite N, Roseburg. You can call us at (541) 440-3516.

Items needed to get screened for WIC include:

  • Personal ID (for each person seeking services)
  • Birth info (if applying for a child)
  • Info on how much money your family earns
  • Info showing where you live

You will be asked some basic screening questions. If you qualify, we will contact you to enroll you in WIC.

If you need any help seeking WIC, please reach out to us. We will work with you to help you learn more about the program, guide you so you can get the info needed for screening, answer any questions that you have, and make sure you get the most out of the program.

WIC Office Locations: We are open M-F at the main office in Roseburg. We are also open a few days a month in:

Drain,Canyonville, Glendale, Myrtle Creek, Sutherlin, Reedsport, and Glide.

Family Well-Being Services

We offer several programs that can help your family thrive. If your family is experiencing major challenges, including dealing with a child’s health issues,you may obtain services that include:

  • Info on how children grow and change
  • Parenting/newborn education
  • Info and help with breastfeeding
  • Info and referral to other resources
  • Help with getting in to see your doctor, dentist, and other health care workers
  • Help making sure your healthcare staff are working best for you
  • Health education
  • Nutrition checkups
  • Screening on your child's development
  • Help so that you bond closer with your children and other family members
  • Safety education
  • Education about stress and healthy coping skills
  • Goal planning
  • Help with family planning
  • Info on birth control
  • Depression screening for moms
  • No-cost items for children

Services we provide may benefit you, a spouse, your children, and others who are part of your household.

Eligibility: There are no income requirements for these services. You may need to have children of a certain age to qualify for some of these services, while other services may require that you have a child with a medical issue. Eligibility for services is based on the need for services.

Application: There is no application required for any of these services. We have partners who make referrals for these services. You can also make a referral for your own family using the online referral form. Unlike Head Start or WIC, you do not need to provide any documents to be enrolled.

Location: Some of these services are provided not only in Douglas County, but also in Klamath and Lake County. Others are limited to Douglas County.

Many of these services are provided at your home. Some services are offered at our WIC offices.