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How UCAN Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance or Prescription Assistance Can Help

UCAN offers several services that can help you with health insurance or prescriptions.

  • If you are on Medicare, eligible for Medicare, or have a disability and want to know more about the Medicare program, you can make an appointment to talk to one of our SHIBA volunteers by calling (541) 492-2102 in Douglas County or (541) 956-4472 in Josephine County.
  • If you need help with general health insurance questions, call (541) 672-3421 in Douglas County or (541) 956-4050 in Josephine County to be directed to someone who can answer your question.
  • If you need no-cost or discounted prescriptions you can contact a Prescription Assistance volunteer by calling (541) 492-2103 in Douglas County or (541) 956-4472 in Josephine County.

Finding Help Elsewhere

If you would like to talk to someone to find out about other agencies that may be able to help you with health insurance or prescription assistance in your area, call 211Info toll-free anywhere in Oregon by dialing 211.

If you have a computer and would like to find resources to help yourself, you can:

  • For no-cost and discounted prescription medications, take a look at Needy Meds.
  • To find options for health insurance coverage or get assistance with looking for options, go to healthcare.oregon.gov.